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Functionally enriched meat product with incapsulated Vitamin supplement


The article presents the study results of the functionally enriched meat product from lamb and ostrich meat with a biologically active additive. The fat-soluble vitamin complex "aevit" encapsulated with the food oligosaccharide β-cyclodextrin (E459) has been  used as a functional ingredient. The use of poultry meat in the recipe allowed to obtain  a product with high consumer properties. Based on the conducted experiments, a comparative characteristic of the physicochemical, energy, amino acid and organoleptic parameters of the obtained semi-smoked sausage products is given.


Об авторе

Серик Драхметович Фазылов
Институт органического синтеза и углехимии РК, Казахский агротехнический университет им. С.Сейфуллина

Фазылов Серик Драхметович, академик НАН РК, д.х.н., профессор

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Фазылов С.Д. Functionally enriched meat product with incapsulated Vitamin supplement. Вестник Алматинского технологического университета. 2022;(2).

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Фазылов С.Д. Functionally enriched meat product with incapsulated Vitamin supplement. The Journal of Almaty Technological University. 2022;(2).

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